Senior in Debt

Senior in Debt

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What is ‘Senior Debt’. Senior debt is borrowed money that a company must repay first if it goes out of business. Each type of financing has a different priority level in being repaid if the company goes out of business. If a company goes bankrupt, the issuers of senior debt, which are often bondholders or banks that have issued revolving credit.

Do you have debt you can’t afford to pay? Are You Receiving Social Security, Pension or Disability Income? WE CAN HELP. HELPS is a nonprofit law firm and 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We serve senior citizens and disabled persons struggling with debt. Call HELPS now to learn how your retirement income is protected by law and how we can help.

Additional issues seniors will want to consider include: Discharging medical debt and credit card bills. These are two of the easiest types of debt to discharge in bankruptcy. In fact, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can wipe out qualifying debt in a few months.

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Discover which Senior Income is protected from Debt Collectors. Even debt settlement companies and nonprofit credit counseling debt management companies will seldom tell a senior that their income is protected by federal law. Unfortunately, many lower-income seniors are placed in utter poverty by these companies, making payments on old debt they legally don’t have to pay.

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 · Falling into debt is never easy and the consequences can wreak havoc on your life.It can be terrifying, especially if you are a senior on a fixed income. However, there many steps you can take to make the situation more bearable.

Senior Debt Facts Today, more seniors are carrying debt into retirement more than ever before, and the amount of debt burden has skyrocketed over the past decade. For many, just keeping pace with the cost of daily living is a challenge.

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 · For many seniors, the long term impact of recent economic turmoil has changed that. According to data from the Federal Reserve, average senior debt is up 83% since 2001, placing the average debt-holder more than $50,000 under. Like you might expect, no small part of that debt is made up in mortgages.


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