Hidden Backlog of Foreclosures

Hidden Backlog of Foreclosures

But that also means that there is a hidden backlog of home loans in default that could end up in foreclosure. Moody’s Economy.com estimates that lenders will foreclose on 1.89 million homes in 2009, up from 1.43 million last year.

Homeownership Continues to Fall FDIC in the News  · Homeownership Rate Falls to a 16-Year Low in Q1 as "Homeownership Bubble" Continues to Deflate The homeownership rate in the U.S. fell in the first quarter of 2012 to 65.4% (see chart above), according to data released today by the Census Bureau .

While foreclosure houses represent an incredible value in today's market, Unfortunately, there are problems-obvious and hidden- with each approach.. the sale go through than a bank that is backlogged with foreclosures.

RealtyTrac warns that as many as 1 million foreclosure actions that would have taken place this year will be pushed into 2012. The firm also says they do no expect to see home price appreciation until.

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He mentioned a backlog of 368,000 foreclosure cases in the state’s courts. Snip. The collapsed real estate market resulted in millions of foreclosures across the country that hit courts like a.

Shadow Inventory: More Houses Will Soon Be Available for Sale. The backlog of foreclosed homes that was created by lengthy judicial reviews and long foreclosure timelines are entering the market in states like New York, Florida, New Jersey, Arkansas and Hawaii. In states like Florida and New Jersey, some homeowners haven’t paid their mortgage in two.

Foreclosures are down over 65 percent in the last year and over 13 percent in the last month alone. The backlog of foreclosed homes is still having an impact on the.

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However, these discounts come with a hidden price tag attached.. Depending on the lender's backlog of short sales, the process can take up.


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